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Picture 006Working ruins everything.  You know? When I was a kid in Colorado and Kansas, when it snowed, it was as if the world was transformed into a different kind of playground, but a playground nonetheless.  Yes a playground with its dangers: I’ll never forget deciding to lick the slide in third grade during recess, and Mrs. Martin, my teacher, having to run in and get hot water to pour over it to release me. But for the most part it was having so much fun sledding or making snow forts or even having snowball fights–although the anti-pain, anti-agression kid I was unless the rage built sufficiently–snowball fights were not my favorite, all of this was so much fun, that I don’t know how many times I peed my pants before I could get my boots off with all those steel clamp buckles to get into the house.

But with work? Work meant looking out of the window when you woke up in the morning and cursing the white pall that had come over the world, which you knew soon enough would be streaked with pollutions soot and the mud from the snowplow that had dug too deep.

It meant pulling out of the driveway before the plows had come, after you left a half hour earlier than usual because you knew it was going to take at least that much longer to get navigate the drivers who had no idea how to drive in snow on 95.  It meant your stomach dropping repeatedly as you hit patches of ice and you felt the rear end swerve.  It meant sitting in your cubicle an hour longer, because you wanted to avoid the same traffic mess going home, and when you finally did leave, it meant trudging to the car, your dress shoes filling with snow, and then shivering as you tried to scrape off the GD ice from the windshield, because an hour of sun had melted what had accumulated earlier and then frozen again.  Like I said working ruins everything 🙂

So when I gave up working and moved to Mexico, where the seasonal changes are of a different nature, yet just as real, I look at weather’s vicissitudes with a different eye.

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