Michael Brown

The Paradise Wars and Clark Ransom Thrillers



Moira’s life, as wife of wealthy New Orleans scion Evan Connery, is shattered by Grand Master, Nicholas Roerich, who is determined to stop the rise of right-wing fanaticism in the United States.

Nicholas, vanguard for the Transhimalyan Hierarchy, fears the world is facing its greatest threat since WWII. Knowing Moira is married to one of the world’s leading fascists, Evan, Nicholas amplifies Moira’s native psychic skills, increasing her sensitivity and dissatisfaction with her marriage.

Nicholas’ attempts to make Moira an agent of the Hierarchy is countered by Marie, Nicholas’ former lover and Moira’s long dead mother.

Nicholas and Marie exist in a parallel, controlling, plane of reality, incarnating into the world of the 1980’s at will, yet most strongly influencing Moira through psychic flashes, dreams, and intuitions.

Moira’s first step to free herself from her stifling marriage is to accept a position as docent of the New Orleans Museum of Voodoo.

Out of the house, with a new objectivity, Moira becomes aware that Evan plans to purge the French Quarter of its “undesirables.” Instinctively she begins to rely more on the flood of new intuitions until she discovers that Evan is in alliance with both the mob and with Brian Baron, a leader in the American Nazi party.

She must decide what to do about Evan, but all possibilities seem impossible. All decisions require sacrifices she doesn’t know if she has the strength to make. But one thing is clear: decide she must.

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