Michael Brown

The Paradise Wars and Clark Ransom Thrillers



What happens when family ties become deadly bonds …?

Innocence slaughtered. Visions of unbearable agony. Can Jake summons his psychic powers to free himself and countless children from becoming evil’s next victim?

Moving to Providence for his freshman year at university is scary enough, but add sudden visions of burning children, and Jake wishes he had never left New Orleans. Luckily, he has Rhode Island relatives, but when he reaches out to the Vaughns, the psychic attacks intensify.

Eager to protect her godson, a family friend ventures from New Orleans to mentor Jake in the occult arts, leading him to discover the dark truth about the Vaughn’s wealth.

An unwitting accomplice and beneficiary, can Jake prevent his twisted relatives from carrying out their most diabolical plot?

Dare to descend into the depths of psychic horror. Buy Defiled today at your favorite digital store:

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*Defiled previously published as The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens.


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