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Note: Defiled was first published under the title The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens.

Michael Brown drew me into the taboo world of voodoo and exposed the seedy underbelly of sex trafficking  while creating characters that leapt off the pages and drew me into their world. The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens challenged what I knew and had me questioning each character’s motive at every turn. The most intriguing book I’ve read in years. — CS Yelle: Author of  The Protector of Ter Chadain

Michael Brown’s The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens puts the reader on the front line of a battlefield between two worlds – the real and the supernatural – as the struggle for the psychic talents of one young man threaten to rip both realms apart.  The novel is also the history of a family – the Vaughns – a gothic, damaged clan whose craven patriarch rules with an iron fist, even from beyond the grave.  A tense, eerie work, The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens is the creation of an author adept at building suspense and dread page by page, and skillfully proves that the mind may be the most adroit, and lethal, weapon yet invented. — Kerry Dunn: Author of   Joe Peace

This is the first paranormal novel I have ever read and I found it riveting. It is at once a paranormal thriller, the first one I have ever read, and a coming of age novel with all the struggles and conflicts of a young man trying to figure out if he is gay. It is also an exposé of the horrific world of child porn brought to life in graphic scenes.

The characters, especially Jacob, the young protagonist, are well drawn and bright, the dialogue is quick and witty Jacob is a young boy man struggling to find his sexual identity. Lexis is his controlling mother and witchy adversary. The characters quickly spring to life. — Roberta Rich: Author of  The Midwife of Venice

I don’t read books in this genre, but it was highly recommended by friends. Once I started the book I found it too compelling to put down. The writing was really tight and the descriptions clean and evocative. If you are a fan of Steven King and Anne Rice you will be right at home. I was a stranger in a strange land, and still couldn’t stop reading. — Wendy, Mexico

Featuring a disturbing trip through the world of child sexploitation, the plot is further enhanced by a colorful background, which includes the machinations of a dysfunctional Rhode Island dynasty and liberal lashings of the occult. This is a well-written and plotted book, populated by memorable characters. — Marc, Canada

This is a book for a thinking person–rich in characters that you hate, pity, empathize with or just want to extinguish. Yes, you will think, all right…but you will FEEL as well as he twists the character’s actions and motives through a compelling plot.

Brown has taken his readers into those tiers of existence that may be all around us if only we carried some of the motives, skills, training and practices that we find in his characters. What he shows us will make some of glad that we don’t travel on those wave-lengths, but we won’t put the book down–we want to know what happens next.

He demonstrates a rich depth of understanding of various aspects of the occult while covering a psychosocial topic that warrants all of our attention. Well done, Michael Brown. We’ll be watching for your next one. — Chris, Austin

A compelling story that pulled me along, sometimes into strange and disturbing territories. Complete with a full set of complex characters, the plot explores the way sin and cruelty play out over the generations in a prominent family. To free yourself from the past – from the ‘sins of the father’ – is a universal theme. How do we make a break from the negative legacies that shape our lives? And what is the cost if we can’t? Surely, another ‘slaughter of the innocents.’ I hesitate to give away major plot twists and reveal the mysteries that are imbedded in the story, but let me say that the mixture of the paranormal and the erotic play out against a background of global crime of the most heinous sort. This is strong stuff. —  Arlene, Chicago

I started it and finished it… Not knowing what to expect…

It grabbed be from the beginning… It’s a wonder journey through an unknown world ( unknown, at least to me ) of sex trading in your neighborhood and a family so wrapped up in it… Knowingly or not… they are all involved from the start.
A wonderful writer whose detailed descriptions left me nothing to fill in… and I have a very vivid imagination!!
The content isn’t for wimps and the story is one think about… over and over again…
I look forward to following this author on other adventures! — Lori, New York City

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