Michael Brown

The Paradise Wars and Clark Ransom Thrillers

Flash. The Future of the Last Matriarchy

“Stella, Stella, lil’ star,” Ray Barducci cooed.

Mountain shifted hip flesh to the left, and her buttocks, sweat-stuck, swiveled the chair.  She faced him. A black scarab outlined one eye, a kohl stick upright between two fingers.

She looked at her small man. She shook her head, “Raymond Boniface Barducci.”SF Gay Pride

He suggested that he might take a step forward.

Mountain inhaled.

Raymond levitated from the cave floor at the speed of breath and whack-plack was pasted in the cleft between the mammoth masses of her breasts and the delta that opened out into the sea of her pendulous thighs.

Mountain inhaled again and flesh quaked, shook, heaved.

Then with an exhale, slam-bam, she ejected Raymond Barducci, whose head cracked with a satisfying splat against the stone wall.

A butt shift to the right and the chair swiveled back.  Mountain, elbows on the basalt slab, leaned closer to her reflection in the glacial wall; she  put the kohl in the corner of the other eye and began to draw as she imagined she felt the life stir within.  Number 18 this, she thought. Let it be a Mountain child.

And with the bleating of the she-goats from the next cave, each with a sling beneath, holding a  rib-revealing boy child to its teat, she prayed again, “one more Mountain child, please.”

Her darling frolicked in the fur-lined pen at her side.

Mountain cooed.

The baby turned, each eye perfect scarabs outlining sapphire blue.

Mountain bent down to bring the girl to her breast.

Then the snarl of a boy child followed by the wailing screech of one of her goats stopped her.

She put her precious down. Jumped up, the glued chair hanging for a moment from her flesh before clattering with a drop to the stone.

Her steps thundered into the adjoining cave, now silent.

She reached beneath the two closest goats, ripping two boys free, and filled with  outrage at their arrogant, whining ways flung them into the crevasse that separated her and her baby girl, as yet still free from the coming onslaught of the crass to her domain.

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