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The Paradise Wars and Clark Ransom Thrillers


Paradise Wars

In my series, Paradise Wars, I will explore the ways in which people explore the inexplicable: through psychology, the paranormal, religion, denial, or pretending not to care. I believe we are at a point in human development, where all these means of coming to terms with the intangible are warring one against the other.  Hopefully, Paradise Wars, can give some different ways of thinking about these “culture wars,” and entertain along the way.


What happens when family ties become deadly bonds?

Defiled, is the first novel in the series and is available at your favorite store :

Defiled Available at Your Favorite Digital Store

With a cast of characters, both living and dead, who represent the highest aspirations and deepest depravities of which humans are capable.

Seduced, now in development, is a prequel to Defiled, taking some of the first novel’s characters  back twenty years to an event that is critical to what happens to Jacob Jordaens nearly a quarter of a century later.

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The Clark Ransom Thriller Series

The first novel in this series is expected to be published in the Spring of 2017. The Toltec Conspiracy asks what would happen if Narcos Met ISIS? Follow retiring Stanford Professor Clark Ransom has he stops an ISIS like terrorist organization from setting up training camps south of Laredo, Texas.

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