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The Paradise Wars and Clark Ransom Thrillers

Blog: Mike’s Voice

I think going public is all about learning to trust your voice. . . Voice circulates in our head; echoes parents, teachers, lovers, spouses, children, who then coalesce as a strange brew. A pinch of what is perhaps uniquely us is added and the cauldron begins to bubble, maybe babble, maybe sing. Against the Other, […]

The Mystic, The Clairvoyant, and the Politician’s Kids

The Mystic Eleven years in the final sprint. That is how long it took me to write my first novel, after a strange mystic encounter. The novel, however, had its inception forty years ago. I had been sick for the last part of 1975 and the first part of 1976 with hepatitis both A and B, bedridden […]

Can You Stop Reading A Book You Don’t Like?

Is Stubbornness in the Book  of Virtue? A couple of weeks ago I went to a concert. The seats were uncomfortable: metal bridge chairs that threw my back into a spasm after ten minutes. At the halfway point, already an hour into the concert, I had shifted every way I could in the cramped space […]

Zacatecas: How the Heart of a Theme Can Emerge?

Finding Mexico’s Theme: Zacatecas and the Savage Heart? The first weekend in March, Tom and I went with friends to Zacatecas, a colonial city north of our home in San Miguel de Allende. Riding along in their comfortable SUV, we were once again enchanted by the variety of Mexico’s landscape, and by the mix of […]

Why I Write About The Paranormal In My Novels?

The short answer is because I like literature that includes the paranormal or the supernatural. From Henry James’ *The Turn of the Screw* to Stephen King or Anne Rice: they are the books I most enjoy. This used to embarrass me, because after all I have degrees in English lit from Stanford and Brown. However, […]

The Hidden Scars of War

As a teenager in Brussels, my mom endured World War II. She suffered the day-by-day anxiety of not knowing moment-by-moment if she or those she loved were safe. Few of us have lived through such horror. One Photo Brought War Home I was mid-twenties when I went through a box of photographs and found one […]

In the Midst of Mass Migration, What is Home?

The past is a country from which we have all emigrated … — Salmon Rushdie This quote brings to mind the immense human migration going on in the Mideast and Asia, where thousands are leaving the past and homes behind, as well as the personal journeys each of us take. My Migration Home From my […]

David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and the Rainbow Bridge

When I heard David Bowie had died, my breath caught. Then tears followed. All that day, I haunted Facebook and Twitter. Any poignant post would make me cry harder. This reaction was silly, yet perhaps unavoidable. Why? I hadn’t listened to a David Bowie song in five years, but somehow a link, a deep identification […]

How Every Self-Justification Builds Walls Between Us

When there are disagreements between us, walls, they are often over beliefs we’ve clung to for a long time; even if those beliefs become outmoded. Such clinging is self-justification. Are we immoveable in our politics? Unwavering in our belief our religion or lack thereof is the only way? Did we inherit these beliefs from our […]