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The Paradise Wars and Clark Ransom Thrillers

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Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Michael Brown and my blog and fiction is concerned with understanding the issues that divide us and finding ways to bridge those divisions.

I’m the author of the paranormal thriller, Defiled, the first novel in the series: Paradise Wars. Coming up next in this series: Seduced.

In the Spring of 2017, The Toltec Conspiracy, the first novel in the Clark Ransom Thriller Series, will be published. In this novel Narcos meets ISIS, and retiring Stanford professor prevents the terrorists from establishing training camps south of Laredo, Texas.

One of the divisive issues I explore in  my novels is the tension between paranormal and psychological explanations for the inexplicable, and how that tension can drive human behavior to extremes.

My background is eclectic. I was born in Denver to an American father and a Belgian mother, was raised in the Midwest, Germany, and California,  and earned degrees in English Lit from Stanford and Brown.

At Brown I was privileged to teach Creative Writing under the tutelage of novelist John Hawkes.

I crave peak experiences (goose bumps and amazement), and the arts have provided me the healthiest highs.  Examples:

  •         Anna Karenina jumping in front of the train.
  •         John Coltrane riffing on “My Favorite Things”.
  •         Jussi Bjorling’s “Che Gelida Manina” from La Boheme.
  •         Bob Dylan’s “Buckets of Rain,” from Blood on the Tracks.
  •         All of Michael Ondatje’s Divisidero.
  •         The Prelude to Das Rheingold.
  •         The Grateful Dead’s Dark Star, Live at Fillmore East 2/13/1970.
  •         The close of Lord of the Rings.

I’ve had a longtime curiosity about the esoteric arts (Astrology, Tarot, Divination, Hermetic Sciences) and count the classics of Western Lit as well as of popular literature (Anne Rice, Steven King) among my influences.

I’ve shared my life with my partner of 43 years, Tom, hopefully, as an advertisement for why Gay Rights should be universal.

We both live in San Miguel de Allende ,Mexico.

I regularly send out new blog posts on the ways in which people try to bridge the divides that seem to separate so many of us these days. There’ll be a natural, although not exclusive, emphasis on how the arts build bridges, since I write novels. However, there will also be analyses of news events, suggested readings, exploration of different philosophies, etc.

Check out these links to get a sense of what you can expect:

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Thanks again for checking in, and welcome.  Here’s hoping you join me on the adventure.