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Welcome to Paradise Wars: Illuminating the Dark Side of New Age Fiction

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Every two weeks, I either point you to the most interesting articles on how others are improving the world, even when circumstances appear to be most dire.

Or I report on my latest novel-in-progress, The Temptation of Moira Connery.

Or try out new flash fiction pieces.

Or talk about my life as a writer and as an ex-pat, living in Mexico.

Informing all my writing is the belief that the world can be a better place if we are better people.

So please give me a try!


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What Others Are Saying

Michael Brown’s novel is a dark, troubling and powerful debut. . . . I think of The Brothers Karamazov, who seem, in the end, no stranger in their obsessions and preoccupations than the characters who people the pages of Brown’s work. The effort to come to terms with ones’ talents and appetites, to control ones’ fears and excesses, to live in harmony rather than yielding to greed — this is what lies at the heart of this novel, and it’s worth the ride . . . The canvas upon which Brown works is extreme, but in the end (as the title promises) there is a consecration, the dedication to the sacred. —Leslie Hall Pinder, Bring Me One of Everything
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